Essay on the legal profession

Is there anything on this earth more honorable than defending the oppressed? This is what a high school student thinks of when he sees his final grades, when he puts his desires on the list of desires, one of which chooses the presidency of the university. In the field of first desire, he will not lose sight of what the Arab human has endured in recent times of endurance of injustice, oppression and tyranny, and he will not leave for a moment the pictures of innocent people on television in the news bulletin, crying from the intense killing of loved ones and relatives, and the displacement of food and housing. And enduring the most difficult conditions of poverty, cold and hunger
Why did you choose the legal profession? After studying law, and in the legal profession in particular, I will be able to defend anyone who resorts to me to rid him of injustice and oppression, and I will do everything in my power to relieve the suffering of those who are unjustly domineering and domineering. The principle of adults is judges and lawyers, and with this principle, the legal profession becomes a profession of holiness that cannot be underestimated, because it restores to both the oppressor and the oppressed their status and rights, and prevents corruption from ravaging the country and people, consuming the weak and nourishing the strong without any control that prevents the greed of the strong and greed and eating the rights of others. The legal profession requires the study of the Sharia that governs the country, because the laws on which the government of the state is based must be subordinate to the characteristics of a religion, and if they are not so, they must be subordinate to the laws of world peace, since the abandonment of subordination to one of the religions requires that it be Rulings are in accordance with and fair to human nature, but this may vary from one country to another depending on the environment and the authority’s honesty in determining laws.
It is fair and free for the state to be subservient to the Islamic rule that gives everyone his right and prevents him from oppressing the other, and tightens the penalty for the premeditated killer, and prevents the tribal revenge and killing of females that were prevalent in Arab societies, and limits the spread of corruption by ensuring the rights of women, and urges the preservation of women’s rights. Her husband is for her and controlling her work within a mold that guarantees her safety and dignity, and also encourages marriage and does not require harsh conditions for it. Rather, it is the least that a person can to provide a life within its usual scope, and makes the separation of the spouses permissible if there is no agreement between them, and guarantees each of them their rights in addition to Preserving their children, thus preventing unlawful abandonment and limiting the corruption that illegal relations bring. I have found in this religion all that a person needs to be a walking human being according to what is required by his sound nature, sound thought, and decent living that is beneficial to himself and others. Freedom is granted to all in accordance with the general law in which the freedom of one individual does not affect the other. The most important thing that I found in myself of the qualities of a lawyer was the strong desire to triumph for the right, to annihilate injustice and bury it by various means of extinction. Killing, displacement and prevention of the most basic rights of life are the plans of powerful and greedy countries, the pockets of great merchants who trade in peoples’ blood, and the treasuries of souls that are insatiable and do not know that they will have a day of severe torment awaiting them in the darkness of the grave.
Studying a lawyer makes me regain my will to live after all that I have seen on TV, and after all the tears I have shed for those who sleep in tents on the coldest days of the year, under the snow, and on whom the missiles landed in their sleep among their children, and those who They have lost a father and he has not returned and they have not known anything about him for years, as well as those before whom their relatives were slaughtered and who could not utter a word, because they knew that their neck would be under the knife in a few minutes. How can humanity attribute to it such people and describe them as human beings? And if you describe them as belonging to the animal world, it would be a great injustice to all animal species. One of the animals does not hunt except when he is hungry, and does not kill out of desire to kill, but rather in need of food, and he has no choice because he needs to survive. As for humans who do what their demons dictate to them, there is no reason for them to They do that bastard act other than their desire for more colonialism and domination that comes with money and property. Do not those who saw oppression of all kinds deserve a lifetime of study and struggle for their victory and taking their hands to a little safety?




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Ethics of the legal profession The legal profession is characterized by seriousness and great accuracy. What can appear to her of the truth, which increases the suffering of people and burns them and burns them with more fire, when the lawyer uses his skill in defense and his intelligence in the discussion to turn the truth to something other than what it was, the lawyer becomes the ugliest thing that can be taught, and the worst thing that can be given his testimony to a person.
Only the great person must study and reach this profession, as it can be said that the legal profession is the profession of the great. The owners of weak souls, and helps them to develop their social relations and to gain high positions in the state, which leads to the spread of the multiplication of injustice on the oppressed person who resorts to someone to save him. The Importance of the Legal Profession Before an empowered person remembers the sayings of the greats in praise of this honorable profession, he will not hesitate to involve himself in the field of rights to be an honorable lawyer. The skill of defending the usurped right with logical arguments and bright proof. What they said about the lawyer in the books that the student reads during his study days is a saying to the French lawyer “Ross” describing the real lawyer who seeks to spread justice among people: “The lawyer is now the least talkative of people, and lawyers are the only ones.” Those who prefer to remain silent, because the benevolence of silence is nothing but an inevitable result of good speech.”
If a person thinks a lot about the negatives and positives of the legal profession, he will find that its positives are very meaningful and beneficial, as it is based on the establishment of justice, bears the concern of applying the law, prevents evil from prolonging and spreading, and supports the poor and the rich alike, as it secures for each of them the fulfillment of their right. As for its negatives, it is represented in the constant fatigue of the owner of this profession, his time is hardly free from preoccupation, and the harassment of people who want to digest the rights of others may inundate him, and often rob him of his comfort, as clients often visit him with urgent matters that require solving their problems. About this meaning, the French “Garsonnier” expressed his description of the lawyer’s life when he said: “The lawyer pleads in one day before multiple courts in different cases, and his home is not a place of his comfort nor a protection for him from the harassment of his clients, as he is meant by everyone who wants to relieve the burdens of his problems and worries. His job is to address various problems and alleviate the concerns of others.” Then this philosopher presents a comprehensive overview of the lawyer’s mission in this land, which is the greatest that a person can express in describing this profession if it carries out its basic and honorable content: “I can say that among his citizens represents the first men who They conveyed the divine message. Garsonet wants to liken the legal profession to the mission of the prophets, because all that the heavenly messengers call for in its comprehensive content is monotheism, in addition to the establishment of truth among people, so that no one is oppressed. Advocacy and the study of rights only bring good and great benefit to the individual and society, when it is directed to the honorable intent of it, and when it is a polished mirror of the good that the owner of this profession intends to adopt and establish among all members of society so that people are equal by it, and benefit and peace prevail in all parts of the earth

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